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Document automation solutions for

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Create compliant documents

Automate how your healthcare team creates, populates, and protects patient documents.

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Transition to a paperless campus

Use your most valuable data to streamline the creation of surveys, applications, financial aid documents, and more. 

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Simplify insurance workflows

Easily generate quotes, proposals, and policy documents and deliver them to clients in minutes.

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Generate finance documents

Instantly populate collected data into custom contracts, reports, and other financial documents.

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Shift to digital government

Merge data into city and state permits, proposal requests, interdepartmental files, and more.

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Automate document creation

Use the information you collect out in the field to generate letters, contracts, reports, and more.

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Modernize your legal processes

Merge collected data into personalized contracts, agreements, NDAs, and other documents.

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Generate nonprofit documents

Populate data into personalized applications, thank-you letters, invoices, contracts, and more.

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Automate real estate workflows

Quickly generate personalized rental applications, contracts, loan files, and other documents.

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Streamline your document creation

Level up your projects with documents that can be populated and generated in minutes.

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Document security

Have confidence in your document automation with critical security features like SSL and firewall technology.

HIPAA compliance

Eliminate paperwork and reduce security risks across your healthcare organization with HIPAA compliant documents.

Data encryption

Any information stored in Formstack Documents is encrypted using 256-bit encryption. By default, we do not save merged data in our system.

Easily connect to your favorite apps

Formstack Documents integrates with hundreds of popular apps so you can pull data into your documents, collect signatures, send files to your preferred cloud storage solution, upload to records in your CRM, and so much more.

Automate your Salesforce document generation

With Documents for Salesforce, you can use your most valuable data to automatically generate documents without ever leaving your Salesforce instance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

With Formstack Forms, anyone in your organization can build custom online forms, collect data, and automate processes. No coding required online form builder.
What is document automation?
What is document automation

Document automation uses automated workflow processes to create electronic documents at scale. Formstack Documents connects to your most valuable business systems to automate document generation based on pre-established parameters, such as a form submission or the creation of a new record in your CRM.

How can I automate document creation?
How can I automate document creation

It’s easy to create documents with Formstack. Our platform enables you to use data from form submissions, your CRM, or other critical business systems to create dynamic proposals, contracts, invoices, reports, and more. Once documents are generated, they can be delivered to cloud storage solutions, uploaded to records in your CRM, or sent for eSignature.

How can I automate PDF forms?
How can I automate PDF forms

Formstack Documents can be used to automatically generate dynamic PDF documents from your form submissions, CRM records, or other valuable data sources. You can upload your own PDFs or create custom documents with our document builder. Other formats that we support include Microsoft Word documents, Excel sheets, and PowerPoint slides.

How can I make a document online?
How can I make a document online

With Formstack Documents, there are several ways to create a document online. You can start from scratch using our document builder, get a headstart with customizable templates, or upload your own Word, PowerPoint, Excel, or PDF files.

How can I keep HIPAA compliant documentation?
How can I keep HIPAA compliant documentation

Formstack Documents has HIPAA-friendly features that can help automate the management of sensitive information. All your data is transferred by SSL—an encryption security protocol—and protected with a firewall. Once your data is merged into a document, it is deleted from our system. We constantly monitor our database and track logins to prevent unauthorized access. Finally, Formstack never shares your data.

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