Streamlining Requests for Student Background Checks

Learn how Azusa Pacific University uses Formstack to streamline, simplify, and speed up student background check requests.


When employers needed a background check on a student, they would receive a complicated PDF form through email or fax from Azusa Pacific University (APU). Once the PDF form was completed and submitted, the Undergraduate Enrollment Services Center (UESC) team would send emails to multiple departments to request the necessary information. After the data was collected, it would be manually compiled into a final PDF document. This clunky process took at least two weeks to complete and often resulted in lost email threads and bottlenecks.


Employers now fill out a simple online form to request the student information they need. Once submitted, any department that needs to provide information is alerted automatically through Forms Workflows. When all departments have submitted the necessary information and files, the UESC is notified for final approval. All data and files uploaded from the form are then sent to Formstack Documents, which automatically creates a final PDF package with all supporting documents and an official letter on AZU's letterhead.

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Saved time

Reduced process completion time by one week through automated document creation

Increased efficiency

Eliminated long email threads and cut down on manual data entry

Improved process visibility

Minimized bottlenecks with better tracking

Boosted students outcomes

Helped students receive job placements quicker

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